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About Sheldon

Sheldon Grant Leon
Life Extension Specialist

Assoc. Arts Degree, B.Sc (Honours), C.M.A. (Sydney)

Sheldon’s life achievements have been many and varied. He was a competitive gymnast, modern jazz dancer, photographic model, open water diving instructor, fitness and aerobic instructor to name a few.

His interest in natural therapy and nutrition started early on in his life when he suffered major health problems. His search for non-medical solutions lead him to specialise in nutrition and herbal based therapies.

He conducted his own clinical practice for over fifteen years, combining skills in herbology, eye diagnosis, kinesiology and internal detoxification programmes. Through his naturopathic studies, he also trained in massage, specialising in deep tissue, Chinese remedial along with foot and hand reflexology.

Today, Sheldon teaches yoga, meditation, Tai Chi and Qi Gong and has successfully integrated his skills and talent in a completely wholistic manner for his clients.

Sheldon’s biggest joy is helping others look better, feel better and get dynamically healthy.